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We appreciate your interest in Nature Friend and welcome your review. You may review a sample issue here and then purchase a subscription online or call 877-434-0765. If you prefer, you may order a sample issue for $5. You will receive with the sample the opportunity to receive the remaining eleven issues at the current price less $5.

April 2009 Nature Friend Magazine

    Study Guide for the April 2009 issue of Nature Friend Magazine


May 2009 Nature Friend Magazine

    Study Guide for the May 2009 issue of Nature Friend Magazine


June 2008 Nature Friend Magazine
July 2008 Nature Friend Magazine
August 2008 Nature Friend Magazine


We encourage participation by readers. Most features appear in each issue, though some are in approximately every other issue. Features include:

Once a year we plan a "Reader's Issue" where the content is almost entirely supplied by the readership. You will notice the June 2008 sample issue is the 2008 Readers’ Issue. We also gave a bonus Readers’ Issue which is the August 2008 issue.

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Nature Friend Magazine is a creation-based, monthly nature magazine for children that the whole family will enjoy. Each issue costs less than one fast-food meal, feeds the whole family, and the calories are lower! Nature Friend is free of external advertisements.