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Announcing Story Contest

We are having a story contest for families that subscribe to Nature Friend. The winners will appear in the May 2015 issue. Three entries will be selected from each of four age groups, 6-8, 9-11, 12-14, and 15-17. There will be awards for each winner. Watch for rules in the August 2014 issue.

Story submissions that are not selected for the story contest will automatically be considered for the June Readers' Issue.

Nature Friend - Helping Children Explore the Wonders of God's Creation

As a busy homeschool parent seeking to reinforce your teaching program with Nature Friend magazine, this page was prepared to help you efficiently find the various aspects of this website that may be especially useful to you.

Sample pages are PDF format. If needed, here is a free reader you may download.

Monthly Art Lessons

Children have a new art lesson in each monthly issue. Additionally, 25 or so children's drawings are featured from a previous lesson. Occasionally, unannounced, we include a bonus page or two of children's drawings. Approximately 6 times per year, the art lesson is 2 pages long rather than 1 page. This gives opportunity for learning more in-depth techniques.

Click here to see a 1-page lesson.
Click here to see page 1 of a 2-page lesson.
Click here to see page 2 of a 2-page lesson, and the completed drawing.
Click here to see children's drawings.

Learning By Doing

Reinforce science with activities in the Learning by Doing feature.
Click here to read a Learning by Doing article.

Pictures and Poems

Children submit their drawings and poetry. Click here to see a Pictures and Poems page.

Creation Close-ups

Children submit photographs of interesting things they have found. Click the link below and scroll to the third page.
Click here to see a Creation Close-ups page.

Study Guide for Nature Friend Magazine

We now have a Study Guide edition of Nature Friend which has exercises to reinforce what is learned in each issue. The SG comes with the magazine, and exercises are a variety such as crossword puzzle, acrostic, fill-in-the-blank, true and false, etc. Under "For You To Research," are a selection of questions that encourage additional learning beyond what we cover in the magazine. Exercises may be photocopied for multiple children to use. The SG also includes several bonus features. One is "The Photo Critique." You learn photo tips, and have opportunity to submit your best photos for possible publication. We also have a bonus feature called, "A Study in Nature; a Lesson in Writing." Readers are encouraged to cultivate creative writing skills. We also invite you to submit your writings.

Click here to add Study Guides to your current Nature Friend subscription.

Click here to view several sample Study Guides.

The above rufous-phase Eastern screech owl is bringing a nightcrawler to a nest. Did you miss this story in Nature Friend? Would you like to read more about our observations of screech owls feeding young at their nest? How about if I told you one favorite food seemed to be minnows? We even got one photo showing a crayfish being brought to the nest! Click here to see photos and read more.

Each Study Guide has a bonus feature that teaches nature photography. Would you or your children like to take photos like this too? You can! Some photo lessons have included advanced techniques such as in-flight owl and bat photography. In-flight photos like these are easier to get than you may think. The simpliest way to get unique, in-flight action photos is by using a Phototrap. Our boys have been using a Phototrap to capture shots that go on to become contest winners. Your children can take shots like these too. To learn more about the Phototrap, or to order one, click this link.

Both the owl photo above and the bat below were taken by our son, Marlin, 14. Over the last two years, he and three brothers have won twelve contest placements including three grand prizes, first, and second places. Six of the photos have been in-flight shots taken with the Phototrap. Besides teaching basic principles of photography, some photo lessons in our Study Guide will also teach your children how to take their photography to new levels using advanced techniques. Advanced techniques have gone beyond equipment, and also included how to get that bat or owl in front of your camera.

We invite you to send your nature-related stories and photos to us here at Nature Friend magazine. We regularly use submissions from our readers.

This little brown bat is leaving his roost in the attic of a farm house.

Maybe you prefer a friendly little hummingbird over a bat. Photography lessons have covered them too.

Some photos taken by our "students" and subscriber family!

This ruby-throated hummingbird was taken by Mark Petersheim.

Darin Vance, 14, took this photo of an Eastern screech owl. His younger brother, Justin, got the photo below.

This ruby-throated hummingbird photo was taken by Mike Reisenberg.


Many homeschoolers appreciate Nature Friend for reinforcing science from a Creation perspective, and for the monthly art lesson. We have many testimonies, a lot of which come from homeschoolers.

"Thank you for your excellent publication, Nature Friend. A friend and homeschooling mother gave me a copy before I ever met my wife and I recall thinking idly at the time that if I ever married, if we were ever blessed with children, and if we were able to homeschool them, I'd really want a subscription, that it was the kind of material I would want my children to read. Thankfully, all of those things have come to pass, and our family has that subscription! After all these years, thank you for your work and its impact on my family." Yorba Linda, CA

Click here to read more testimonies.

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See Several Issues Online

Click here to view several issues in their entirety.

We also sell microscopes, spotting scopes, binoculars, and telescopes.

Study Guides have a bonus feature called, "Exploring Our Skies." In this feature, we teach you how to not only find constellations, but also the deeper sky objects you can enjoy with binoculars or a telescope.

Here are some photos our boys took of the night skies from Nature Friend.


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