Articles from Nature Friend Magazine

Black Bear

What is that gold “ribbon” stretched across the yard, Bethany wondered when she returned home. She soon...keep reading


In the Beginning God Created…Snowflakes Snow is falling steadily. The ground is covered and wet snow is...keep reading

Spring Peeper

Somewhere in the darkness just ahead was what I was searching for. I had not seen it, but I was hearing it—a...keep reading

Great Horned Owl

A February snow was falling steadily and beginning to pile up on the great horned owl as she sat, huddled on a rocky...keep reading

White-tailed Fawn

Fog began rolling across the large, mountain meadow, obscuring the road and our parked vehicle. We had been looking...keep reading

American Bittern

Streaks of light slipped across the eastern sky announcing the dawning of another beautiful spring day. Mist rose from...keep reading

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