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Study Guides enhance your experience with Nature Friend magazine. They accompany each issue, and besides exercises to reinforce what was learned, there are several bonus features. "A Study in Nature; a Lesson in Writing" teaches creative writing. "The Photo Critique" teaches nature photography tips, and is an opportunity to submit your nature photos for possible publication. View a sample.

Add Study Guides to your existing Nature Friend Magazine subscription(Need to order both?)

How the Study Guide subscription meshes with your Nature Friend magazine subscription

  1. With your order of Study Guides, your Nature Friend subscription will be converted to a "Study Guide Edition."  The Study Guide will ship with the Nature Friend magazine, in the center of the magazine. 
  2. When converting your subscription to the Study Guide edition, we encourage you to purchase Study Guides for the number of months necessary to mesh with the expiration date of your Nature Friend magazine subscription. 
  3. To do this, look at the expiration date printed above your name on the magazine mailing label.  If you have two months remaining on your subscription, and you are renewing for two years, choose Study Guides by the month and select a quantity of 26.
  4. If the number of Study Guides you order is less than the number of Nature Friend magazines on your account, the Nature Friend subscription will not be converted to a Study Guide edition until the number of months remaining on the Nature Friend subscription equals the number of months of the Study Guide subscription.  Then in the future, both subscriptions will be up for renewal at the same time.

We trust these Study Guides will enhance your experience with Nature Friend magazine.

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