North American Owls
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North American Owls

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Family Nature Trails, Book 1

North American Owls

Compiled by the editors of Nature Friend magazine.

140 pages, Hardcover. Over 130 full-color photographs.


"Peering inside, I got a surprise. An owl was sitting on eggs in one corner of the box, four inches away from the starling nest! I know starlings are aggressive and bold, but I didn't think they were foolish..." page 67 - Aden Troyer

"...When that church was destroyed by fire, two young Barn Owls were rescued and brought here." page 73

"I was walking along Lake Martin in Louisiana when I noticed this Barred Owl fishing for crayfish...." page 21 - Tim Vidrine

"A farmer discovered the nest when he peered inside a Wood Duck nesting box.... Imagine his surprise when he saw two young screech-owls, a perch, and a frog!" page 47

"Last night this bit of drama unfolded in our yard shortly after midnight. The fog was extremely thick.... The rabbit passed within about ten feet of the feeding owl's perch, startling the owl, before disappearing into the shadows. The owl lifted from the branch, circled around its mate, and disappeared into the fog.... The fox..." page 19 - Roger Mayhorn

Dogwood Ridge Outdoors brings you North American Owls...a collection of stories, first-hand encounters, and vivid action photographs. Sometimes the photographers chuckled out loud when they discovered what their remote cameras had captured.

Pour a glass of lemonade, curl up on the porch swing, and enjoy Family Nature Trails, Book 1.



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