Simply Organized
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Simply Organized

by Krista Yoder

Includes five each of the three different sleeves with accompanying recipe cards. Supplies available on our website. For years I watched my stack of disorganized recipes grow bigger and bigger, making it difficult to find the recipe I needed. I had outgrown my bulging organizer from years gone by and was unable to find one that was exactly what I wanted. So I created this recipe organizer to solve my dilemma. Hopefully,it can help you as well! Simply Organized is a three ring binder that can expand by adding more sleeves as your recipe collection grows. Our clear durable plastic sleeves are created with two pockets on each sleeve. A selection of 3 card sizes will fit easily into these pockets and can be seen from both sides. There are 12 beautiful full-color tabbed divider sheets with each binder. Each tabbed divider names the food group in that section. An index on the back of the divider sheet allows you to list the recipes in that section in the order you place them in your binder. Write the number of your recipe in the small box on the top right corner of each recipe card. Corresponding numbers entered in the index and on each recipe card make it easy to find the recipe you wish to locate. Simply Organized offers two ways to organize your recipes, I call them option #1 and option #2 Option # 1 This option allows for one full recipe to fit easily on each side of the card. I prefer this way for my recipes because I can read the complete recipe without removing the card or turning the page with messy hands. This option is also designed to be more flexible. There are three sizes of recipe cards that can be used interchangeably, providing for a wider variety of recipe sizes. a. Two 5x6 cards will fit on one page. Most recipes can easily be written on each side of these cards. b. A 4x6 and a 6x6 will also fit together on one page. This page works well for recipes that are especially long and can be teamed up with a short one. These 3 sizes of cards are printed for recipes on each side. Option # 2 This option uses the standard 4x6 cards and two will fit on one page. The 4x6 recipe cards have additional lines on the back for your longer recipes. I hope Simply Organized will inspire you to get your recipes organized efficiently. But most of all, remember that Love is the main ingredient as you cook for your family and friends. Still Organizing, Krista Joy Yoder

Product Details

  • ISBN: 9781932676273
  • Binding: 3 Ring Binder
  • Size: 8 x 10.75
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